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Anyone familiar with the superyachtindustry is accustomed to grand descriptions of the exceptional nature of newprojects. So, when a project of such a revolutionary nature as this sloop comesalong, it is a challenge to find fresh words to truly illustrate the vision andambition behind it. We will simply let the story of Royal Huisman’s Project 410speak for itself.

A challenging andinspiring brief
As a very experiencedowner, the client sought to create a leading-edge project that would behead-turning, arresting and iconic. And yet … it should provide all the safetyfeatures, comforts, and luxury of a mega yacht.

Frers Design and WetzelsBrown teamed up to present the concept that was selected by the owner to meetthis challenging brief. Mani Frers created an innovative sloop with arevolutionary combination of naval architecture, clever use of space andstructures and stunning exterior design, while Gill Brown’s thrilling andunique interiors almost literally transport her guests into a New World. Afteran intense year of development, the designs are finalized and the excitingpreparations for the construction process begin.

Project 410 will be atrue sailor’s yacht, ready to sail in a matter of minutes and capable ofsailing very fast, in comfort, to make the most of that long waterline – betterequipped to explore the world. She will be exciting to sail, even in lightairs, with an impressive ability to build and increase apparent wind speed.

This is an Eco-friendlyproject, too, aiming for structural recyclability and incorporating greenenergy, quiet operation, and silent mode sailing. Wherever possible, the yachtshould employ recycled materials or simple, low-impact materials crafted tocreate exceptional effects. Wherever the technology permits – or can be adaptedto permit – RH410 will be future-proofed.

Energy efficiency andsustainability
The sustainabilityobjective will be met in a variety of ways. The innovative technology RoyalHuisman will use on Project 410 qualifies for the new Lloyd’s “Hybrid Power”certificate as the yacht will be capable of regenerating energy during sailing.A huge 2-megawatt battery bank facilitates silent and fumeless propulsion andensures ultimate comfort with maximum redundancy and sustainability.

The board system set-upto deliver the above may be considered a challenge by some in the superyachtsector, but Royal Huisman has proven and evolved these systems for over 14years since its launch of sailing yacht Ethereal in 2008, the world’s firsthybrid superyacht.

In summary, here is asailing yacht that is a much lighter alternative to large motor yachts - greener, and faster, even at low wind speeds. At 85m/ 280ft, she will also be the world’s largest sloop. The massive carbon mast,boom and integrated sailing system will be designed and produced by RoyalHuisman’s sister company, Rondal. Project 410 will be constructed in aluminumat Royal Huisman’s newbuild facilities in Vollenhove.

Judging by the audience’sresponse to an exclusive unveiling at the start of the St. Barths BucketRegatta 2022, Project 410 is set to become a very much-talked-about yacht.

Royal Huisman CCO PeterNaeyé concludes: “It is an extraordinary honor to be entrusted with aproject of such scale, ambition, and technical sophistication. This uniqueProject 410 perfectly reflects ‘who we are and what we do’ at Royal Huisman. Atrue performance superyacht with supersized dimensions, and full of technicalinnovations. This project is already iconic in every aspect and will be builtby the finest craftsmen in the world in full collaboration with her talenteddesigners. We're all going to enjoy the realisation of bespoke excellenceembraced with ’New World’ technology.”




Main specifications ofProject 410:                         85mNew World Sloop

                                                                                             “World’sLargest Sloop”                                                                                

Shipyard project number:                                            410

Length:                                                                               85m/ 280ft

Naval architecture +exterior styling:                       FrersDesign | web: Frers.Design

Interior design:                                                                WetzelsBrown | web:

Rig + Integrated Sailing System:                                Rondal | web:

Builder:                                                                              RoyalHuisman | web:


Technicalinformation is currently restricted to the main specifications above. Therewill of course be further updates with more detailed information as the projectprogresses.

About RoyalHuisman



Some names need no introduction. To anyone who ever genuinely consideredacquiring a luxury super yacht, references to Royal Huisman as the builder ofthose finest and most distinctive yachts in the regatta or marina will be afamiliar experience.

When admiring the build quality and attention to design detail on aparticular yacht, the reply from its owner or crew “It’s a Royal Huisman!” isvirtually regarded as self-explanatory. Royal Huisman yachts are deemed uniquein conception, quality and execution. Yachts that are rare, beyond compare.



So, what is left to add? Perhaps just this – Royal Huisman continues tostrive to make what is good, even better, and constantly looks to implementinnovative ways to remain at the forefront of edgy and technologically-advanceddesign, engineering and production.


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