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Think Yachts, Think Holland​ is our clear vision. The amount of knowledge, the high-end designs, the latest innovations, technology and true passion: this country has all it takes to build superyachts one could only dream of. An experience to remember forever.

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Think Imagination
Think Holland

Think Imagination, Think Holland

'If you can dream it, we can build it’ is a typically Dutch mentality. When water seemed like land’s enemy, we turned it into an ally by creating even more land. Take a look at our members and you'll see the same kind of flip thinking, where imagination runs free and new opportunities arise.

Think Challenges
Think Holland

Think Challenges, Think Holland

The Netherlands has long been a driving force behind the global energy transition and digitalization. The Dutch shipbuilding industry is known for its proactive approach to reducing emissions and its ongoing mission to make ships more sustainable. This is also reflected in Dutch designs that evolve from thinking differently about what’s the norm and how we want to define the future. This approach serves as a new starting point for others.

Think Enjoyment
Think Holland

Think Enjoyment, Think Holland

Since Dutch society is characterized by human-centeredness in many different ways, working in our country means experiencing the highest level of job satisfaction. We enjoy what we do and see work as an important part of our lives. It motivates us to keep growing and always do better, resulting in high-quality work. It also means a genuine client focus, which is why buying a Dutch superyacht is fun all the way through.

Think Exploring
Think Holland

Think Exploring, Think Holland

We’re a small country, but you know our playground is immense. We travel everywhere and our members are based all over the world: from Romania to Dubai and from the Americas to France. While the our land mass may be modest, we have everything it takes to build the perfect superyacht. Now is the time for you to explore our visionaries.

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