Think Yachts, Think Holland

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Think Yachts, Think Holland
Brand story

The Dutch Superyacht Industry

Delivers the highest-quality superyachts featuring unique designs, which rank in the top 3 worldwide. Holland Yachting Group represents this industry consisting of superyacht builders, design companies, system integrators, construction specialists, architects and marine equipment suppliers.

It’s our mission​ to strengthen the competitive position of the Dutch yachting industry in the global market and to foster international trade. We actively unite market leaders based in the Netherlands who excel in building world-class superyachts and have done so for over five decades.

About HYG

It starts with dreaming, with inspiration. That’s when we discover new worlds. Where everything seems to be perfect as if it’s divine. We can’t think of anything else, because we become what we love. Mutual trust and curiosity makes us invincible and thrives us. It’s how we keep on going forward. Something more than words.

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Think Yachts, Think Holland

is our clear vision. The amount of knowledge, the high-end designs, the latest innovations, technology and true passion: this country has all it takes to build superyachts one could only dream of. An experience to remember forever.



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Want to become a partner? Please contact us to see what the possibilities are. As a partner we want to create a win-win situation in bringing the best of the companies to the surface.


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