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Zijlstra Interiors

For those who value attention to detail and exceptional quality, Zijlstra Interiors fulfils ambitious wishes by calling on legacy and craftsmanship to create the finest bespoke interiors.


Wandering the oceans and sailing into remote landscapes to enjoy the beauty of nature, all while experiencing the comfort of pure luxury through your very own interior. Zijlstra Interiors lets you customise your superyacht setting to suit your personal preferences, allowing you to always travel in style.

Private residences

We are dedicated to crafting your vision into a reality. The key to our designs is a close collaboration with the client, allowing us to create a home environment that is specific to your needs. With the right balance between functionality, beauty and tranquility. Together, we make unique interiors that are ideal to spend quality time with family and friends.


Combined, various well-chosen elements can create a unity of luxuriance. Zijlstra Interiors puts every discipline of interior design at your disposal, from bespoke furniture to curtains and upholstery.

Our story

Our designers and craftsmen bring together the finest materials as they work with you to create an interior that is truly one of a kind. In each project, their knowledge and experience are challenged in every way in order to maintain the highest quality and attention to detail.

Zijlstra Interiors



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