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CORROSION has been in the business of protecting offshore wind farms, vessels and on shore applications since 1993. From our humble beginnings in the small town of Moerkapelle in the Netherlands, we have grown into an internationally recognized leader in creative, sustainable,state-of-the-art solutions in corrosion and cathodic protection


To meet the global demand formore sustainable solutions in the maritime sector, CORROSION’s UV-CCooling systems offer an environmentally friendly solution for the effective cooling of engines. Without the right form of protection, these coolers soon become overgrown by marine growth, which reduces the cooling capacity of vessels’ engines.


UV-C lights protect the Pillow Plate Coolers even during idle- AND lay-up time. A further key benefit of UV-C coolers is that the maintenance replacement process is low. UV-C lights can be replaced within just 20minutes or less from the inside of the vessel, without even dry-docking.


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